The Happy Hour Newscast


August 21, 2021

We can hardly believe it, season 3! Your favorite palate-cleansing newscast is back, so pour yourself your favorite beverage and join us for some happy news you may have missed.This week hosts Malakai and shaylyn talk with Harika Maddala, photo intern for Bay City News and our social media and graphics manager. Also, some updates on an mRNA vaccine for HIV, a big increase in food stamp benefits and some ~undead~ sea urchins threatening California’s shores. 

And of course, a new cocktail recipe. This week we honor Harika and all our August Leos with a fresh, sweet and refreshing drink made to share with friends. Rate and review if you want a cocktail made in your honor! Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and find us on Instagram @thhpodcast and on Twitter @happyhournews. Also, the recipe for this week’s tailor-made cocktail can be found on our website here.

Thank you to Arman Billimoria for our theme music and to Harika Maddala for running our social media. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy this week’s episode, produced by Malakai Wade and shaylyn martos.

Additional music used from Free Music Archive.

Guest: Harika Maddala, photo intern for Bay City News and social media manager for The Happy Hour

Reference Material and Background Info:

Moderna’s Experimental mRNA HIV Vaccine Human Trial Starts This Week

It’s Too Soon to Admit Climate Defeat

The Bay: Our Fire Conversation Needs to Change

How You Can Support the Afghan Community, in the Bay Area and Beyond

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Children of immigrants at the heart of effort to reach Oakland's unvaccinated communities

Trapping Millions of 'Zombie' Urchins Could Restore California's Once Mighty Kelp Forests

Biden Administration Prompts Largest Permanent Increase in Food Stamps

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