The Happy Hour Newscast


April 9, 2021

This week hosts Malakai and shaylyn have some fresh, solutions-driven news stories to help process the sensory overload we experience on the daily. Join them for updates on work permits for agricultural workers and how supporting sonic environments can help keep folks grounded in stressful situations. Plus that all important question...will we still be able to take drinks to go after the pandemic?

As always, there’s a new craft cocktail recipe — this one can be just for you, or you and your (small) group of (fully vaccinated) friends (from the same social bubble)! Rate and review if you want a cocktail made in your honor. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and find us on Instagram @thhpodcast and on Twitter @happyhournews. Also, the recipe for this week’s tailor-made cocktail can be found on our website here.

Thank you to Arman Billimoria for our theme music. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy this week’s episode, produced by Malakai Wade and shaylyn martos.


Guests: Simona Asinovski and Guy Douglas from Sound Meditation Presents

Reference Material and Background Info:

Nearly Half a Million California Farmworkers Could Gain Legal Status Under New Bill


Oakland Public Library will reopen for in-person book browsing, computer use


Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine Shows '100% Efficacy' In Adolescents

Here's the story behind the amazing Moscone Center vaccine playlist


Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine Shows '100% Efficacy' In Adolescen


UN prods U.S. over military buildup, human rights violations in Guam


The Ocean’s Youngest Monsters are Ready for Glamour Shots 


After the pandemic ends, will the Bay Area get to keep to-go cocktails?

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