The Happy Hour Newscast


March 26, 2021

Happy spring to all! This episode hosts Malakai and shaylyn highlight organizations who help assist and create positive change for AAPI communities. We want everyone to know what they can do to help #StopAAPIHate, whether that’s volunteering or donating or if you need resources yourself. This week our hosts are here to share some happy stories you may have missed and provide some positive perspective on the biggest headlines of the week, including vaccine updates, Fairyland re-opening and something cool about cow burps. 


And a craft cocktail that’s the perfect fresh and verdant way to celebrate spring! Rate and review if you want a cocktail made in your honor. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and find us on Instagram @thhpodcast and on Twitter @happyhournews. Also, the recipe for this week’s tailor-made cocktail can be found on our website here.


Thank you to Arman Billimoria for our theme music. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy this week’s episode, produced by Malakai Wade and shaylyn martos.

Additional music used: from Free Music Archive.

Express Magazine Issue 2
Reference Material and Background Info:

AAPI Resources:

Asian Mental Health Collective 

SF Asian Women’s Shelter

DeQH LGBTQ+ Helpline for South Asians



Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Compassion in Oakland

Compassion in San Gabriel Valley



Red Canary Song

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Seeding Change


Moderna starts testing vaccine on children ages 6 to 11

Desks can be 3 feet apart in classrooms to safely reopen schools, CDC says

COVID deaths drop by 40% in last 14 days

Fairyland reopens its doors in time for spring

Seaweed-laced feed reduces methane in cow burps by 82%. Potential impact on greenhouse emissions

The Properties of Perpetual Light


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